Discount Bobber

Bobber Kits


Discount Bobber sells bobber kits for bikes and also has completed bobbers for sale on occasion. We manufacture all of the parts for the kits through another company we run. This allows us to keep the costs down and provide discounted bobber kits! We can create custom replacement parts and even paint parts for you. Each bobber kit comes with an instruction manual that makes it very easy to install your kit. You don’t need to modify anything on your bike.

Bobber For Sale

It can be difficult trying to find bobbers for sale. There really isn’t one set site where you can browse multiple bobbers that are being sold. To solve this issue you can list your bobber for sale for free. This allows you to have one set location where you’re able to browse as many bobbers rather than visiting multiple sites. Since it’s very easy to transport a bike from another state we thought it would be a good idea to have this section.

Bobber Seats

A very popular item that we sell is bobber seats. There are a lot of great manufacturers that create these bobber seats. You can find a bobber seat that you like and leave a review to help others when they’re shopping for their bobber seat. Often, the seat is one part of the kit that you’ll want to purchase from a reputable place.

Sissy Bars


Sissy Bars look great on bobber motorcycles but also can provide an area to store your stuff. Browse our selection of sissy bars and find something that looks great for your bobber bike. There are many options available and come in various finishes. If you have any questions about our sissy bars please contact us so we can help you out.